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Famous Strains: Mimosa #1, Banana Punch, Purple Punch 2.0


Genetic threads exclusive interview

Genetic Threads: Hey guys, thanks for participating in our interview! Can you begin by telling us how Symbiotic got its start?

Symbiotic Genetics: Sure. We met through a mutual friend in the industry and just kind of hit it off. At first, Budologist actually gave me some genetics. Our friendship started from there, just growing the best cannabis we could. Pennywise was the first strain Budologist gave me, which was from TGA genetics. We both wanted to breed but couldn’t really do it without each other.

GT: So, Symbiotic Genetics is a partnership - @Budologist420 and @TheVillage? How did this partnership come to be?

SG: Without each other we wouldn’t be “Symbiotic” so to speak, it’s both of us together. He had seeds from Super Nova. He was the one that originally got me the Purple Punch clone. That’s how the friendship got better, through genetics. Purple punch is from Super Nova Gardens. Budologist met with Super Nova looking to trade Purple Punch for Cali genetics. He got the clone and seeds of Purple Punch. That’s how Symbiotic was started, we popped those seeds and found our male. We started with the Purple Punch male and we wanted to create it in seed form to find better phenos.

GT: You seem to have a pretty dedicated following that is quickly “growing” so to speak. What strains are you best known for?

SG: Mimosa # 1. With the Jungle Boys winning the Chalice Cup with so much recognition, it gained popularity very quickly. After that, Banana Punch, then Purple Punch 2.0, which is the Purple Punch F2 male x the Purple Punch clone only female. Also Wedding Crasher, which is a brand new cross we just released – the Wedding Cake x Purple Punch F2.

GT: How long have you been breeding cannabis genetics? How did you first get into it?

SG: It was around 2014 when we established our first breeding project. We started with the Cookies & Cream male x Animal Cookies x Forum Cookies, which was never officially released.  Right after came the Purple Punch male.

GT: Who are some of your biggest influences in the industry?

SG: For Budologist Mean Gene from Free Born Selections has been a big influence. He has also done some collabs with Afficiando, who has given him a lot of good tips. For both of us, DNA Genetics has been a big influence. I’ve met Aaron, and always kicked down samples of our work to him and Crockett, but I have yet to meet Don from DNA.

GT: What are your favorite strains currently?

SG: Wedding Cake. I like the clean taste of the OG. It’s not super funky, and has a nice clean OG taste, as weird as it sounds. Other than that, we like our own strains! But overall, good cannabis, is good cannabis.

GT: What can we look forward to in the future? What do you have coming down the pipeline?

SG: We are focusing on furthering our line of genetics, creating new flavors that haven’t been released yet. We are looking at creating different combinations through different males. Some of the strains that we have coming down the pipeline are the Mendo Breath F2 x Purple Punch F2. That will possibly be released through TLC and SSCC. Then we have the Dosido x Purple Punch and the Lemon Fuel OG x Purple Punch F2 coming around mid to next year.

GT: Awesome, that’s great info you have shared with us! Thank you so much for your time and sharing your story with us and your fans!