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Genetic threads exclusive interview

Josh D. is one of the epic and iconic breeders of our generation. One of his most important contributions to the cannabis community is the world famous OG Kush, which he brought to the public arena in the 1990’s. Getting his start in breeding alongside his good friend Matt “BubbaKush” Berger in Orlando, Florida in 1992, Josh migrated to Southern California in 1996 where he continued to perfect the art of growing and breeding cannabis. What was once an underground endeavor has blossomed in a mainstream industry. With new and exciting projects always in the works, and collaborations with other world class breeders, Josh continues to bring top of the line genetics to the continuously growing cannabis market. 

Genetic Threads: Hi Josh, thank you for your time, we know you are a busy guy! We love your work and it is an honor to have you on board with our project!

Josh D.: I’m happy to be involved, it’s real cool what you guys are doing.

GT: Your story is quite legendary. In a few sentences, can you tell us when and where you got your start?

JD: I started taking growing seriously in 1996. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, but the first spot was closer to downtown LA in Silverlake.

GT: OG Kush is an iconic strain that has revolutionized the cannabis industry. There is an air of elusiveness and mystery regarding OG, which only adds to its allure. This is a chance for you to tell your story to your fans and followers. What is the story behind OG Kush? What does “OG” stand for?

JD: Let me start out by saying that ‘OG’ stands for the Original Kush and that it was also grown by our crew. Back in 1996, we had developed a new style of growing, and with this particular strain, its popularity took off. Never has a variety made such an impact on the Los Angeles market. To this day, it’s still the most sought after strain in Southern California.

GT: What is your favorite strain to grow now, and why?

JD: I’m in love with growing the original OG. The complex flavor and dynamic high is still my favorite.

GT: Who are some of the breeders that have influenced you, past or the present?

JD: I really dig working with Karma. He’s a passionate breeder and grower. Also, Sjoerd has been an inspiration. I think what he’s doing in Arizona at Willcox farms is next level.

GT: What projects are in the works now? What can your fans expect to be coming down the pipeline? Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fans?

JD: We have a very exciting year ahead of us. A lot of big things happening. Keep a lookout for new releases from Karma and I, and for Josh D. OG hitting the California market this summer.

GT: Josh, thank you so much for sharing your story with us and being part of cannabis history in the making!




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