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Genetic Threads is a monthly Box Club for Cannabis Enthusiasts. Each month, we team up with a cannabis grower, breeder, or producer and collaborate on a custom shirt.

Our mission is to share their story with cannabis enthusiasts to better appreciate the people and companies behind this industry. Our Box Club automatically delivers a unique shirt directly to your door every month- highlighting the hottest genetics on the market. It is the first of its kind in this industry and the result is a fun and unprecedented collaboration of genetics, culture, and apparel.


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The shirt is tastefully designed with wearability in mind. These are shirts that you can wear comfortably in public and each shirt depicts a featured grower, breeder, or producer with a clean graphic that discretely captures the essence of the icon.


Learn the story behind the shirt. Each box includes an interview with the featured breeder, which gives the them a chance to tell their story in their own words. 


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I want to raise the bar and raise the professionalism in this industry, and presentation over all.
— Chris @ Compound Genetics

Genetic Threads:         Hi Chris! Thanks so much for joining us! In a few sentences, can you tell us where and when you got your start? How you got your start in the industry, or with cannabis as a grower, and then how it progressed into your breeding projects and whatnot.

Compound Genetics:  I've been passionate about cannabis since I was young. I started growing when I was about 18 years old with a friend. I traveled to Amsterdam for a while when I was younger, took in a lot of the industry over there, met a lot of the people over there and I studied with the people over there. Then I came back to America and my friend gave me an opportunity to work with him. He's a master grower, and I watched him and learned a lot about him. I was in the basement for a long time doing basement grows, and working with the plant in the basement and then I kind of just fully evolved into working more with the medical community. Being in the medical community I started working more with dispensaries, and with people that were my friends, and I met people that were doing breeding and doing projects in town and they were working on strains like Dog Walker, and strains that were local, strains in Portland. I saw how they made an impact on the community here with their strains, and it inspired me to work with the plant more and do breeding.

Compound Genetics:  My friend One-Eye made the Dog Walker in clone - he really worked that strain in the community around here and made it really popular and was getting a high price for that strain at dispensaries. It inspired me to make strains of my own for the community in this area. So, I started going to High Times events and Cannabis Cups and started collecting all the seeds that I could - studying the seed market and how I should export in the industry, I just started writing my ideas down and focusing on everything I wanted to do with my projects.

Compound Genetics:  That's how I started with that, and so once I kind of had that developed I was with another dispensary owner, and I was working at their warehouse, and I started breeding plants there and working with plants in a spare room we had, and germinate all the seeds, and I did like huge seed hunts, and I just kind of evolved from there. Some things kind of came my way that kind of  opened the doors for me after that, I had some personal work under my belt, but then I met some other breeders in the industry and they kind of opened the door by giving me genetics to work with, and I just kind of went with it from there.

Genetic Threads:         That's an awesome story.. We really do love hearing these stories. It's one of the best parts about the Genetic Threads project.

Genetic Threads:         If you happen to remember, what was the first strain that you grew, or really enjoyed growing, and was it from a clone or seed?

Compound Genetics:  It was from a clone, the first strains that I was growing were this strain called 'Cough'. It was the Northern Lights Five by Haze my friend had, and Sour Diesel, those were the two first strains I started growing. The Cough was a really heavy haze-type high, but was really narcotic, and so it was real popular and the yield was really big. The Sour Diesel was just that original Sour Diesel from back in the day that had that sour, like mouth feel. Super gassy. Those were the two strains I started growing with. Those were my favorites.

Genetic Threads:         Sweet. And what strains are you most known for?

Compound Genetics:  Our Jet Fuel Gelato line is really popular, that's the one we're most noted for now, and the Legend Orange Apricot that we used from Capulator. Our most popular strains are probably Ice Cream Man, Sour Gelato we made, those are probably our two most popular strains.

Genetic Threads:         Awesome. Would definitely love to try some of those out... So, what motivates you as a breeder and a grower?

Compound Genetics:  I want to raise the bar and raise the professionalism in this industry, and presentation over all. I feel like the seed game can improve its overall presence in the community and people can do better work and just  raise the bar. I want to make unique genetics that people aren't doing, and kind of improve things over all and leave a mark. I love the plant, I love working with it, and I feel I have an opportunity to do unique things. I take it seriously. I want to make sure I do the right thing, that I'm doing something good for the community.

Genetic Threads:         Yeah, absolutely, I love it. It's kind of an opportunity to make a mark on history, you know? It's like this evolving thing.. It's just a cool, cool chance and time and with all this social media and stuff it's really cool to use that as a tool to get the word out there and show people what you're doing, I love it.

Compound Genetics:  It's so awesome coming from like growing in the basement where it was all illegal and you couldn't tell anyone about it and now you can communicate worldwide. It's really amazing how fast it's changed and how it's opened doors for people. I mean, the people I work with  compound I met through Instagram, so it's amazing. It's weird how many people I've met through online communities that have really grown the whole scene in general.

Genetic Threads:         Absolutely. It's opened up so many doors for me and for us and I think for everybody really.

Compound Genetics:  Definitely.

Genetic Threads:         It's good that you're taking advantage of it and putting good work out there. So, when you approach a new breeding project, what are the top three things that you're looking for?

Compound Genetics:  The most important thing to me is stability. I don't release anything that's going to put unfit genetics in the gene pool, so stability is my number one important thing to me. After that, I have a few other traits that I look for. Besides that, my top things are bigger, over all plant performance, I don't want to release genetics that have just really good terps and really good bag appeal, but grow really bad, have no vigor, and have bad structure. I want my genetics to check all the boxes and I want them to be well rounded plants and well rounded genetics, and they have everything you need. Nothing missing, not like “oh they didn't do that right”…. It tastes really good, it looks really pretty but it herms in week nine…

Genetic Threads:         Yeah, so well rounded, consistent and doesn’t lack in any category. Very important when releasing genetics to the greater public. Do you have any special projects in the works that you'd be willing to share with us?

Compound Genetics:  We're working with the Menthol now, our exclusive flavor with Crane City Cannabis. We're developing a menthol Bx line, were also going to be developing a line with Crane City where he's breeding with us and we collaborate on the seed line for him. We'll be bringing him online with Compound soon. Also, we’re working on some recreational projects within Oregon in the North West. We have some things coming later this year that we'll announce soon.

Genetic Threads:         Very cool. We will stay tuned. So, who inspires you in the cannabis industry, and who did you look up to when you first got started?

Compound Genetics:  That's a tough question... People that really inspired me locally, when I first started were people like Exotic Genetics Mike, he was one of the first I recognized doing high level presentation in the seed game and really had a well-rounded company, he had photographs of all of his flavors, he had good graphics, he had good presentation, he was really doing it right and that kind of inspired me from the get-go. After that, I really admired people like Cannarado, and Capulator. People like that have really inspired me and have really driven me to do what I do, and they've opened the door to pave the way for people like me, breeders right now to do what we're doing, and if those guys weren't around and doing what they were doing 5 or 10 years ago, we wouldn't have the opportunity we have to release the genetics we have now, and have the market we have now. I'm really grateful for those guys and what they've done for us in the scene.

Genetic Threads:         Yeah, that's what I love about being able to share online - to see what other people are doing because it really raises the bar and inspires people to put their best foot forward. There's some really good guys out there, and a lot of them have almost achieved this legendary status. They are role models. So it's great to see who inspires who.

Compound Genetics:  Before I was even breeding, the person that originally inspired me was the Somaz. I was living over in Amsterdam for a while and I got to hang out with him and he was doing some interesting stuff and he showed me some really good organic weed and it really inspired me to come back to Oregon and do good things here too.

Genetic Threads:         Yeah. Now it's like the industry just keeps evolving. It's amazing how many new products have come out, and processes and technology. It's crazy.

Genetic Threads:         Do you have any advice for new breeders, growers or producers, and what do you wish someone had told you when you first started?

Compound Genetics:  Test your genetics, make sure they're stable, hold everything back until you know it's 100 percent. Don't come out with 80 percent done, or 90 percent done. You can only introduce yourself once to people sometimes, so first impressions are everything in this industry. If you focus on making males grow, that's a really good way to make a name for yourself, having your own males that you make. Set extra time developing your genetics, don't just cut corners. People see the work you do and that's the proof, people respect that. As far as things that I wish I was told, I don't know. I feel like, I feel grateful for the information I was provided before I came in this industry and the mentors I had.

Genetic Threads:         Yeah, sounds like you had some pretty good mentors and people on your side, which is awesome. What's your favorite part about breeding and growing cannabis?

Compound Genetics:                Seeing the flavors come to life after you thought of the idea initially, in your house, or in your car, or your drive way, your grow room, you know. Taking that idea and making that project into the seed and coming up with a unique name for it, and seeing the response from the community, to see people grow that product, and that strain and then tag you on Instagram, and you see that picture. It's awesome. It's the full circle.

Compound Genetics:                I love that, I love seeing the flowers of the things we create. It's amazing. It's so awesome to think that we can develop these genetics in the things the farthest, you're still like I still don't understand this plant fully anyways, it's so complex. It's beautiful. It's amazing that we're able to create the things we do. It still takes me back at times and makes me pinch myself in a sense-

Genetic Threads:        Yeah! Bringing it to fruition and then seeing people love it, being like "I made that". You created a cannabis strain. And they go down in history-It's creating history, it's a really special thing to be a part of, for sure.

Compound Genetics:                [crosstalk 00:14:04] sometimes you'll be breeding stuff and you'll be like “oh this cross is going to be hot, super hot!” and the one you don't think is going to be as good turns out to be better than that one.

Genetic Threads:        Yeah.

Compound Genetics:                You can't parade nature in a sense. You can try a little bit [inaudible 00:14:17] somethings you don't know how it's going to come out.

Genetic Threads:        Yeah, absolutely. Watching it is pretty amazing. Awesome.

Genetic Threads:        Alright, we've got two more here. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself and your work?

Genetic Threads:        You did a pretty good job covering a lot so far, but if there's anything else that you're hoping that you'd get to talk about or add in, and again, you can think about it and add it later but if there's anything that you're like “oh, I definitely want to mention this”-

Compound Genetics:                Compound genetics, Tired trees and Weiss Farms, they focus on making quality genetics for the gene pool and doing work that people can respect and enjoy. I have to say more about it-

Genetic Threads:        Yeah, that's totally fine. No, that's great.

Genetic Threads:        And then, lastly, if people want to get in touch with you or follow you or email you, how can people contact you? Any information that you'd like to share that is getting put out there.

Compound Genetics:                All the info about us is on our website,

Genetic Threads:        Perfect.

Compound Genetics:                It has all the links to our email, our Instagram, all that stuff is goin up on our website.

Genetic Threads:        Cool. Pretty simple. Awesome, sounds good.