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Famous Strains: Sundae Driver, Sunset sherbert IX

breeder tip:

When growing feminized seed, it is best to flower the initial variant from clone as opposed to directly from seed. Stability will increase dramatically throughout the phenotypes. 

Genetic threads exclusive interview

Cannardo started his growing endeavors around 1994-1995 when he popped some Purple Kush bag seed he found in some really nice flowers. Immediately,y he was intrigued by the breeding process, how seeds were made, as well as what may come from the progeny. Rado made his first crosses in the late 90's with some seeds brought back from Amsterdam by a friend. He pollinated some of the elite cuts going around Colorado at the time like Cough and Black Domina with a Shiva Shanti male. After working filial and back cross lines for a while he found his niche in feminized seeds. He has crafted some of the most popular strains in today's market like Sundae Driver and Strawberry Shortcake. By filling the gap in the market and keeping up with current trends, Cannarado has become one of the premier feminized seed producers in the world. 

Genetic Threads: Cannarado, thank you for taking time out to talk with us.

Cannarado: No problem, it's my pleasure.

GT: I want to get right into some questions that we know the fans of your genetics all want to hear.  Can we dig right in?

C: Let's do it.

GT: Do you remember the first strain that you grew? And where was it from?

C: Yes, it was Purple Kush and it was a bag seed a couple friends and I bought.  

GT: When was that? 

C: That was in '94-'95 and I was in high school.

GT: Is that when your growing career started?

C: No. I went off to college in '97 in Arizona then came back to Denver in 2000 and started growing then.  

GT: What was your favoitre strain to grow at that time?

C: The Cough ( strawberry)—LOL , I l loved growing that strain.

GT: Who is some of your favoitre breeders?

C: Neville Shanti, JJ, Karma -- man there is just so many!