How to purchase our

Crockett family farms shirt

For now, we have a temporary solution that will allow the people eagerly waiting to be able to get the Crockett Family Farms shirt that we are currently featuring. We have set up a PayPal account that will allow for purchasing the shirt directly, using either a credit card or a Paypal account. We will honor the membership price of $20 through November 25, 2018. We will continue to work to get our Box Club membership issue solved, and will be notifying everyone once it is up and running again. Since this process is a bit different from our regular program, we won’t be shipping out right away. We will give it a month to gather the shirt sizes of those interested in buying direct, and then go to print. We will print some extras so we can try to accommodate those who want them later. Update: As of November 26, 2018 we have removed the Paypal payment button and we are no longer taking orders for the Crockett Family Farms shirt. The shirts are in the process of being custom printed and shipping will commence mid December 2018. Thank you to all customers for your orders!

For current members of the club, rest assured that your credit card has not been charged since the shipment of our last featured shirt in August. Your previous method of payment and address are not available to us. If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please feel to reach out to us! Thanks again for your continued support and patience!