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"New growers, find knowledgable and honest people to work with, and always be a skeptic of what you’re told."
— Fletcher / Archive Seed Bank


genetic Threads Exclusive Interview

Genetic Threads: What was the first strain that you ever smoked? Grew?

Archive Seed Bank: The first strain I smoked was either Albert Walker or the PNW Purple Indica aka Ultraviolet.  First known clone I cultivated, not from seeds I purchased, is the PNW Purple Indica aka Ultraviolet/Purps.

GT: You have been called 'Tha Docta' a nickname that I think goes back to the forum days. Can you elaborate on the nickname at all or who first gave it to you?

ASB: As a kid I was always a skater/snowboarder and never broke bones, just ended up a bloody mess.  So I started carrying around gauze, bandaids, etc. to clean up.  My friends started calling me the Docta because I always had the medical supplies and I kept using that nickname when I went on and

GT: When you approach a new breeding project what are the top three things you are looking for in your new lines?

ASB: I select from as large of populations as possible strictly for smell, flavor, and resistance to displaying intersex traits.

GT: What or who are your current inspirations in breeding Cannabis?  Who did you look up to most in your early days for growing/breeding?

ASB: Currently and historically, I looked up to my fellow local and domestic grower friends in the USA that were risking their lives and freedom to preserve these heirloom genetics in clone form in the time of long prison sentences for cannabis cultivation.  It took a certain kind of person back then to risk multi hundred plant counts just to preserve genetics, not for any direct monetary benefit. Risking it all for the love of the plant.

GT: What would you like to be remembered for as a breeder/seed maker?

ASB: Just as one of many cannabis genetic preservationists sworn to uphold the traditions of illicit cannabis culture and the genetic heirlooms that survived the War on Drugs.

GT: If you could give one piece of advice to a new grower, what would that be? What piece of advice would you give to any aspiring breeders out there?

ASB: New growers, find knowledgable and honest people to work with, and always be a skeptic of what you’re told.  Do your own research, study industrial agriculture and economics, and then apply it to Cannabis.  Don’t expect to learn anything worthwhile from social media that you couldn’t have learned easier, faster, and with a better understanding from educational materials.  

For Breeders, put in the work!  End of story.  Grow through large populations, make selections from your own populations, and put your own unique twist on the genetics out there that can’t be recreated.  Don’t just feminize or pull a male from a 10 pack of  two other people’s selections and calling it your “breeding." That isn’t breeding. The very definition of breeding requires the human intervention and selection of the individuals to be used in the subsequent generations of progeny.  If you have not selected anything and worked towards a goal (whatever that may be), you haven’t bred anything.  You’re just making seeds until selection and subsequent generations are made and/or looked through.  There's way too much excessive bottlenecking of genetics from opportunistic seed makers that have zero intentions of breeding or bettering anything. Their sole motivation is the financial benefit of seeding up a grow tent full of hyped up, untested, unverified genetics.  We can all do better than that, for us, and the plant!

GT: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us and joining the Genetic Threads community!