Connecting Cannabis Cultivators with Cannabis Enthusiasts


Genetic Threads is a monthly Box Club for Cannabis Enthusiasts. Each month, we team up with a cannabis grower, breeder, or producer and collaborate on a custom shirt.

Our mission is to share their story with cannabis enthusiasts to better appreciate the people and companies behind this industry. Our Box Club automatically delivers a unique shirt directly to your door every month- highlighting the hottest genetics on the market. It is the first of its kind in this industry and the result is a fun and unprecedented collaboration of genetics, culture, and apparel.


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The shirt is tastefully designed with wearability in mind. These are shirts that you can wear comfortably in public and each shirt depicts a featured grower, breeder, or producer with a clean graphic that discretely captures the essence of the icon.


Learn the story behind the shirt. Each box includes an interview with the featured breeder, which gives the them a chance to tell their story in their own words. 


Stickers are just cool, so we send ‘em to you every month. 

Member Perks

Coming soon. Our members will also enjoy discounts and coupons on all sorts of industry goodies!


The May Box

featuring: Dirt Farmer Genetics



This Month's Design