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Genetic Threads is a monthly Box Club featuring premium apparel. Each month, we team up with a grower, breeder, or producer and collaborate on a custom shirt. Our mission is to share their story with fans and enthusiasts to better appreciate the people and companies behind this industry. We print artist inspired designs on soft, yet durable high quality shirts designed with wearability in mind. Our Box Club automatically delivers a unique shirt directly to your door every month highlighting the hottest varieties on the market. It is the first of its kind in this industry and the result is a fun and unprecedented collaboration of lifestyle, culture, and apparel.


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The shirt is tastefully designed with wearability in mind. These are shirts that you can wear comfortably in public and each shirt depicts a featured grower, breeder, or producer with a clean graphic that discretely captures the essence of the icon.


Learn the story behind the shirt. Each box includes an interview with the featured breeder, which gives the them a chance to tell their story in their own words. 


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The August Box


Karma Genetics


This Month's Design

The first strains I grew were super silver haze, white widow and skunk#1. All from seed.
— Karma Genetics

Genetic Threads:  In a few sentences, can you tell us where and when you got your start?

Karma Genetics : I grew my first plants in the early 90’s in my backyard. In 1998 when I was working at a coffee shop in Holland I did my first polination and seed-making. I wouldn’t call it breeding, more a curiosity to see what would happen. The results are what spiked my interest in breeding and it grew into somthing bigger then just a hobby.

GT:  What was the first strain you ever grew? Was it a clone or from seed?

K: The first strains I grew were super silver haze, white widow and skunk#1. All from seed.

GT: What strains are you most known for?

K: I’m mostly known for my OG kush breeding work these days. White OG and Headbanger are two of my well known strains, with headbanger being the most known and loved by many today still.

GT: What motivates you as breeder and grower?

K: The challenge to improve and stabilize the genes im working with, or fine tune the environment and feeding to specific cultivars.

GT: When you approach a new breeding project, what are the top three things you are looking for?

K:  I have always selected for smell and flavor as my number one. Next being high and effect.Third, overall growing qualities; trying to pick easier plants to grow.

GT: Do you have any special projects in the works you'd be willing to share with us?

K: I have been selecting from big seed runs the last 2 years with my friend Genefinder for future work, and we are just at the stage of doing our first hybrids with them. Apart from that, I have been working the last years on making my Sour D into a seedline by backcrossing and incrossing.

GT: Who inspires you in the cannabis industry? Who did you look up to when you first got started?

K: Most of the people I looked up to are not known in the cannabis scene. They are real old dutch guys now. I did get inspired by nevils and his haze work in those days.

GT: Do you have any advice for new breeders/growers/producers? What do you wish someone had told you when you first started?

K: That the elite cutting thing is not what you should chase. Every cut came from a seed and when you select your own moms from seed, they will be more vibrant and fit your garden and grow-style much better. It is the biggest fun of it all to run and select from seed to your personal preference.

GT: What do you consider to be one of your greatest accomplishments or successes?

K: I would have to say the stabilization of OGkush lines into a true-breeding regular seed form. Hopefully, that same result be made with Sour Diesel soon as well.

GT: What is something you would like to go back and change or do differently?

K: My work with an old Dutch cutting called Happy Brother. In that backcrossing project I made few mistakes and would love to start it over again from scratch.  It was in the earlier years and I didn’t have the same knowledge and skills I have today, or space to do it as big as now.

GT: Do you have any breeding/growing tips you’d like to share?

K: For breeding you have to know the whole genepool of the lines you work with. Meaning, you first have to grow many from those seeds to see all the dominant and recessive traits. That knowledge is needed to plan your breeding route. When you know only 10% of the females have what you’re looking for it will be harder and a longer way to get that in your end goal. It also gives you the knowledge on what all hides inside that line. I rarely pick first flowering males. Comparing your favorite females and males inside that group for start flower and leafs and stem rubs, will make it so you can select males more easily to represent the traits seen in similar female plants from that same group.

GT: Do you have a “fun fact” about you or your work?

K: Well I’m Dutch and I love stroopwafels.

GT: What’s your favorite part about breeding/growing cannabis?

K: For me, the test runs on new hybrids and selections from new gene-pools are my favorite parts of it all.

GT: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself and your work?

K: I try to keep it real. I have honesty and integrity in high value and I share my work with many I respect. I have always done co-ops with people I like and respect and give credit where it is supposed to be, that’s why I started the KarmaSquad brand and group.

GT:  How can people contact you (website/social media/email/etc.)?

Instagram  @karmagenetics